Offset printing Printer Trento

Our equipment and technology allow us to print and bind any type of illustrated product with a high level of quality in a short period of time.

All machines are equipped with Densitronic S and LithoFlash® Inline.
LithoFlash® is a very compact dynamic colour measurement and regulation system that drastically reduces printing waste and setup time. Up to 20 individual cameras capture the entire colour scale with every revolution. Thanks to flash operation, the system uses very little energy and the lighting has a long maintenance-free service life. With dynamic control, savings are enormous and colour densities are usually correct after just 120 printed sheets. The two new KBA Rapida 164 and Rapida 106 machines stand out for their superior efficiency with a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets per hour and the Drivetronic automatic plate change and register control system, making them high performance presses.


  • 2 KBA Rapida 164, 120×160 cm, 5 colours
  • 1 KBA Rapida 164, 120×160 cm, 5 colours (conventional and LED UV inks)
  • 3 KBA Rapida 162a, 120×160 cm, 5 and 4 colours
  • 1 KBA Rapida 106-6, 72×104 cm, 6 colours + varnishing unit